About Cruiser Utes and Parts

Quality Landcruiser Spare Parts

Cruiser Utes and Parts

Cruiser Utes & Spares has been established since 1999 – supplying quality new, used and reconditioned spare parts. We export complete vehicle overseas and supply parts locally as well as exporting to approximately 50 countries worldwide.

The following is just some of the specialised services we offer:

  • We recondition electrical products, (edic motors, fuel control relays, etc).
  • We recondition gearboxes, diffs, cylinder heads, steering boxes, etc. We can offer both the VDJ70 Series gearbox with the lower revving 5th gear (H152)
  • We refurbish doors & panels plus modify new style side trays (tubs) to fit the 45/47 Series and 75 Series utes.

Specialising in 75, 78 and 79 Series Utes & Troop Carriers

We specialise in certain Landcruiser models, as follows:

HJ47 Utes & Troopies – 1981 to 1984
HJ75 Utes & Troopies – 1985 to 1990
HZJ75 Utes & Troopies – 2/1990 to 9/1999
HZJ79 Utes – 10/1999 to 2006
HZJ78 Troopies – 10/1999 to 2006
VDJ76 SWB – 2007 to current
VDJ78 Troopy – 2007 to current
VDJ79 Utes – 2007 to current